The Must-Have Beauty Products for Summer

April 17th, 2014
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Bid your last goodbyes to the cold weather because hot weather is fast approaching. You know it is almost summer time when you feel short of breath and perspiring even while sitting quietly in your workspace. For Western countries, they still have a few months to enjoy the cold weather before the scorching heat of the sun strikes again. But for Asian countries, they are most probably basking in sun’s glory by now.

Regardless of where you are from, one thing is for sure – summer is fast approaching and you need to stock up on the must have beauty products appropriate for the season. Using or carrying over the same beauty products from winter to summer is actually a common mistake of everyone.

It is imperative for men and women to know the difference between the skin and hair care products that must be used during winter and summer months. The weather directly affects the skin. Skin experts have always reiterated how extreme weather conditions exacerbate all sorts of skin problems.

During cold weather, the skin may need more moisturizing agents as cold temperature dries out skin fast. But during hot weather, humans tend to perspire more, therefore producing more oil. In this case, skin breakouts are more common along with heat rashes.

Here are our must-have beauty products for this summer to help you maintain a healthy skin:

1. Sunscreen

This tops our list of must-haves for all seasons. Regardless of season, you should always remember to apply sunscreen to block sun’s harmful rays. Last winter, we advised everyone that despite the fact that it is dark and gloomy, there still could be harmful rays from the sun that can still cause potential skin damage.


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Now, imagine the damage that can be caused by sun’s rays during summer where you see and feel the sun’s scorching heat. If you plan to take a dip in the pool or the beach, do remember to reapply sunscreen protection every three to four hours to ensure maximum protection and avoid unwanted sunburns.


2. Lip and Cheek Tints

You may find this so girly or so college-like but believe us, lip and cheek tints come very handy during the summer season where you would just want to avoid makeup smears on all the wrong places.


However, be wise in deciding which one to buy. These now come in gel, cream, and liquid types. We like the liquid ones best since it is water based and some even claim to be waterproof so imagine perfectly blushing and glowing under the bright sun in your summer outfit.


3. Tinted Lip Balm

This is another option for lip tints. Some of you may like these beauty products better especially for those with dry and cracked lips. This gives just the hint of color while moisturizing the lips perfectly.


4. Eye shadow Palette

Summer also means partying until the wee hours of the morning. Whether you plan to party at the beach or right at the heart of the city, make your eyes mysteriously glowing by learning the art of using eye shadow palettes.


5. Nail Polish

Summer means bright colors. If you are not exactly excited about wearing bright colors of beauty products on your face, then brighten up your day with some fun nail polish colors. Go out of your safe zone. Everyone understands it is summer and it is time to have more fun.


6. Mascara

It is absolutely called for women to look as natural as they can be during summer. But this does not mean you do not have to look your best. Use some waterproof mascara and some nude makeup for that perfectly glowing summer look.


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7. Hair Protection

Just like your skin, the hair also needs protection. Choose a natural product that is free from sulfate to maintain a frizz-free hair during the hot season.


8. Bronzers

Using bronzers is the best way to be a summer beach goddess. Show off your perfect tan by accentuating your cheeks with a bronzer. Pair it up with some nude lipstick and be ready to capture some hearts at the beach.


Summer is truly a fun time to break away from daily routines and plan your vacation at some faraway beach location. However, it is not so much fun when your skin starts to suffer. Be sure to protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays by purchasing the proper beauty products so that you can have more fun.

The WHYs and HOW TOs of Buying Etude Cosmetics

March 30th, 2014
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You may call it a fanfare or you may call it a craze. Whichever, it is certain that Etude House has bored its niche in the cosmetics industry.

As a Korean brand that started in the 1990’s, Etude cosmetics has already become immensely popular not only in other Asian countries but in the rest of the world where beauty products have become a great commodity.

The Strongest Selling Point

Owing to its superior quality and whimsical packaging, Etude cosmetics have easily reached the market of teens and young adults. The different colors and palette that they offered encased and wrapped in the most youthful and hippest packaging undoubtedly became their strongest selling point.

An Asian Brand

Asians especially East Asians like Koreans are known for taking good care of their naturally fair and even translucent skin. East Asians like the Japanese and Koreans are also known for their extremely modern manufacturing industries including cosmetics. These facts may have contributed to how the market from other countries readily accepted the Etude cosmetics.

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Tips in Buying Etude Cosmetics

1. Know where to buy them

Although Etude cosmetics are already far reaching in terms of availability, there might be other areas where you don’t have an actual Etude House retail store. What you can do is to check online for the nearest store or check online shops that have a sizeable loyal clientele. Make sure to read reviews so you can make sure that you are not transacting with scammers.

2. Know your allergies and your skin type

Before you buy any of the Etude cosmetics, you must be sure that you have never had any allergic reactions from any of the products or other products with similar ingredients. Do not experiment with your skin. If you are aware that you have a sensitive skin, go see your dermatologist first and ask if the Etude House product that you intend to buy is okay for you.

No matter how good the quality of these cosmetics, it is never wise to risk if you know that you have a very sensitive and problematic skin type.

3. Get some friendly and expert advice

If you know somebody who has been using an Etude House product that you would like to buy for the first time, ask her about it. If you don’t, it will not hurt if you check online for some reviews about it or go talk to your friendly beauty consultant.

4. Be wary of counterfeit cosmetics

 By buying only from authorized retailers or those trusted ones, you can make sure that you will not be a victim of counterfeit Etude cosmetics. Because of its immense popularity, the Etude House products may also be a target of those crooks that have no good things in their mind. You don’t want to risk extreme allergies or wasting your money for fake cosmetic products so you should always be careful.

5. Choose what you like but buy only what you need

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The Etude House of cosmetics has an array of products from facial creams to other skin essentials. They offer a variety of colors, shades and palette for their make-up products.

You know what you like and need so ideally it would be easy to choose. If it is within your budget, buy it but make sure that you buy only the quantity that you need.

Etude cosmetics, like any other product, have expiration or best-before dates. You don’t want to waste hard earned money on something that you are not going to use anytime soon but simply can resist the thought of a great buy.

Lipstick Facts: Rules About Lip Color and Skin Tone

March 15th, 2014

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Do you know what the famous Bobbi Brown’s principle is with regards to lipstick color? To find the lip color that looks great on a face devoid of any makeup.

With the wide array of lipstick colors now available in almost every counter at the makeup section, how can anyone be not confused?

All lipstick brands have joined the bandwagon when it comes to experimenting with colors and some are coming up with their own shades while some are imitating all the other shades.

As funny as this may sound, it is not the case when you are standing clueless as to which one you are going to try. Of course, we all have put into consideration trying every shade there is. But then, that could take us all day long. With all our busy schedules, that is just next to impossible. So here is what we have come up with – the rules about lip color and skin tone. This guide will help you limit your choices to save you time and energy.

1. The best color for you is two shades darker than your true lip color. You can test this by applying the color you have chosen to either your upper or lower lip. If it looks like it is a shade darker than your bare lips, you just might have hit jackpot. If you are the type of woman who hates trying out every shade there is, the best you can do is to put the lipstick as close as possible to your lips and carefully determine if it belongs to the same color family as your true lip color.

2. Pink and red are the safest lip colors. I cannot think of anyone who does not look good in these two colors. Pink and red are definitely the most versatile lip colors that can match any skin tone. It even works great on most outfits and hair styles. So the next time you are feeling too lazy to be glam, grab on to your pink or red lipstick.

3. Determining the perfect red shade. Red is indeed timeless and suits almost all skin tones. However, there are various shades of red as determined by their undertones. Here are some quick tips in finding your perfect red shade:

  • Pink-skinned women look best with cherry red lip color.
  • Dark-skinned women look stunning with deep reds.

4. Blend a bunch of lip colors. Have you ever received a lipstick in a color that does not really look good on you? Do not act so quickly into throwing or giving it away. Try blending it with another not-so favorite lip shade or your favorite lip color and you just might come up with a perfect new shade. It is a bit of a work given that you will have to use both lip shades every time but then if the color looks good on you, then it must be worth the blending time.

Now that you know the basics, here are some additional tips with regards to skin shades and lipstick color undertones:

  • Fair-skinned women will look gorgeous in nudes, light corals, pinks, and apricot shades but must stay away from brown shades.
  • Medium-skinned women look best in all the dark shades – dark and deep reds and even burgundy, roses, and mauves but must stay away from bright reds.
  • Dark-skinned women can go in different directions – deep red, brown, and even purple.
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It is actually fun to play up with different lip colors. It can even change a woman’s mood from girly to flirty or go from office look to glam look in an instant.

Remember the guide and tips we gave you and you will surely have fun exploring the wonderful world of lip color.

The Cheapest Natural Moisturizers for Dry Skin

March 1st, 2014
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Moisturizing is an important part of every person’s skin regimen regardless of your age, gender, and skin type. This is where most people go wrong in properly taking care of their skin. Some people think that those with normal to oily skin need not to moisturize and that moisturizers are only for those with dry skin.

Others think that putting on moisturizer makes their skin too oily that they skip the moisturizing part day and night. If you are one of these people, please do not wonder why your skin is aging faster than others.

If you are worried that best moisturizers today cost more and you think it is not practical to spend more on that than your child’s diaper, we have got the perfect solution for you. Moisturizing does not have to be expensive. In fact, you might have the best yet cheapest natural moisturizers right at your cupboard.


1.  Avocado – This fruit has long been regarded as probably one of the quickest fixes for dry skin. It is rich in potassium, vitamin B5, fiber, and fat. The key word, according to experts, is the fat that benefits dry skin the most. The mixture below provides the best natural moisturizers that will make your skin glow at a fraction of the price of high end moisturizers today.

Try this mixture for your benefit:

•  1 cup buttermilk
•  Half avocado
•  Two tablespoons honey
•  Dash of olive oil

2.  Milk – Do you remember the old tales about Cleopatra bathing in milk to get porcelain white and silky smooth and soft skin? However, this is not at all practical in our modern world today. What we suggest you to do is soak a face towel in milk or buttermilk and apply and leave unto the skin for at least 5 minutes. Do this regularly and you will surely reap from its moisturizing benefits.

Milk contains one of the hydroxy acids – the lactic acid. You might already be familiar with this as it is a common ingredient among skin care products today. These acids act as exfoliants and removes the dead skin cells paving way to younger and more moisturized skin.

3.  Shea Butter – This is definitely one of the best moisturizers of all time. Your skin will feel instantly refreshed and moisturized. Today, this is being sold in bulk in either pure or mixed form. Remember, for as long as it has shea butter, you can expect high levels of moisturizing properties. However, make sure to choose those that are not 18 months old to get maximum moisturizing benefits.

Shea butter contains vitamin A which helps ease dry skin and vitamin F that promotes normal cell growth for a younger looking and perfectly moisturized skin.

4.  Olive Oil – We know this to be good to our body but what most do not expect is for it to be used as a daily moisturizer. Olive oil works wonders in so many ways. In the olden times, Greeks used to add drops of olive oil to their bath.

Olive oil contains linoleic acid which is another component found in most skin care products today. It is actually a fat that prevents the skin from losing too much moisture. Experts believe olive oil to be safe for use even for medical conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

5.  Honey – While a lot of you might be hesitant to put sticky honey in your face at night for the fear of ruining the towels and fear of being chased down by ants, honey holds some great moisturizing benefits for your skin.

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Honey is a natural humectant that draws water molecules from air to the skin. As a result, it makes the skin moisture rich. In addition, this is also a natural antiseptic and antibacterial which would ensure pimples will be controlled.

Moisturizing with natural ingredients is definitely easy. It would not take much of your time and money so we suggest starting out on a good habit of moisturizing daily if you want younger, supple looking and perfectly moisturized skin that glows all day and all night long.

Natural Makeup, the Easiest Way to Achieve the No-Makeup Look

February 14th, 2014
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Do you know that men love it more when a woman’s makeup is as toned down as possible?

While men may drop down on their knees whenever they see the Victoria’s secret models walking down the runway, women must know when to put heavy makeup and when to create the no-makeup look.

Contrary to what most women think, the no-makeup look can also be sexy in the simplest way. Best thing about it is that it enhances the woman’s facial features without looking conspicuous. The end result is a perfectly polished yet casual look that is appropriate for any occasion.

Look for Jessica Biel’s pictures all over the internet. You can barely catch her with a heavy makeup on yet she has always managed to look so gorgeous. Here is our quick guide on how you can look stunning without the need for too much makeup:

STEP #1: Skin Preparation

A good look starts with a healthy skin. Foundation is never the base for a beautifully done makeup. The skin is always the base. Make sure to take care of your skin with proper cleansing and moisturizing. Before putting on any makeup, never forget to cleanse and moisturize regardless of your skin type. Choose the proper moisturizer for your skin type.

If you feel more comfortable in using primers to make sure the makeup stays longer, apply that first followed by as little foundation as possible.

Tip: There are brands today that offer a primer and foundation in one. This will definitely save you more time and money.

STEP #2: Conceal

We are all guilty of having skin flaws or dark eye circles at one point in time. Unless you are Jennifer Lopez who has got the perfect Latina complexion, you do need a concealer. Use only a small amount to cover problematic areas.

After concealing, make sure to dust powder to set in the foundation and concealer and create an even skin tone. This also helps your face from getting oily too soon.

STEP #3: Put Color on Your Cheeks

For the most natural looking blush, liquid tints work best but they can be tricky to apply for some. Make sure to dab three dots on the apples of your cheeks and quickly blend them in to create a healthy looking cheek flush. Cream blushes in warm pink or peach, on the other hand, make the most subtle flush and are easier to apply.

TIP: Both liquid tints and cream blushes are more travel friendly too.

STEP #4: Define the Eyes

Brown is undoubtedly the safest color for the eyes regardless of what color your eyes are. If you want to look as natural as possible, choose a soft brown for eye shadow and lightly line your eyelids using a pencil or liquid eyeliner, whichever your hands are most comfortable with. Lastly, curl your lashes and apply a single layer of mascara.

STEP #5: Add A Touch of Color to the Lips

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The key to a lasting lip color is to scrub and moisturizer your lips first. Line with a lip liner before applying lipstick.

Choose the color that suits your mood and your skin tone. Rose pinks and nude colors are always preferred for achieving the natural look.

TIP: Fingers are your best tool in applying makeup. Use your fingers to apply lip color starting from the center and carefully blending it out.

Since you are aiming for the most natural look, make sure you apply these basic makeup steps on natural daylight or white light.

It is actually easy once you get the hang of it. Give it a few weeks and watch yourself do it from 15-30 minutes to as quick as 5 minutes. Remember that your goal is to simply want to look polished while enhancing your already beautiful facial features.

Talk of the Town – Korean Makeup Brands

December 27th, 2013

The Korean culture is evidently popular these days from their music, to television dramas, beauty products and makeup brands. In fact, most Korean makeup brands and beauty products are so popular that it reached Europe and US markets.

Why many people love Korean makeup brands?

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Koreans have one or perhaps the most beautiful skin in the world. This is so because they take real good care of their appearance.

That is why it is without a doubt that there are tons of Korean makeup brands being sold in the market today that offer highly innovative skincare and makeup effects at a reasonable price. BB creams, CC creams and even snail creams are only few of the beauty products that made a big impact in the realm of beauty innovations, and in the lives of many women.

Korean Makeup Brands

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One of the best things about Korean makeup brands is that they often give free samples which come in adorable small packages so you can try out a specific skincare product before you actually buy it.

Do not be surprised because there are actually 120 Korean makeup brands being sold in the market today. You probably have seen some of their stores in the malls or their products in your friend’s purse.

Here’s a list of some of the popular Korean makeup brands:

  • Etude House

Aside from its really cute packaging, Etude House is popular amongst the list of Korean makeup and cosmetic brands because, well its products simply make you look prettier! Some of their famous cosmetic and makeup products include Precious Mineral BB cream, Wonder Pore Freshner, Proof 10 Auto pencil eyeliner, Etude Makeup Remover and Fresh Cherry Tint.

  • Ininsfree

A brand under Amore Pacific, one of the biggest cosmetics company in Korea, Ininsfree offers a wide range of makeup brands that fits well with your skin tone, with your preference and of course will make you look beautiful. Some of its famous makeup products include Mineral Melting Foundation series, Eco Nail Color and Soybean Skincare Series.

  • Tony Moly

Perhaps, this brand has one of the most catchy name and brand song. They are always up on their customers with really innovative beauty products. Some of their famous products are Floria Skincare, Aqua Aura Skincare and Luminous Goddes Aura BB cream.

  • The Face Shop

This company was the first to reach US and European markets. The Face Shop is well-known because of their effective skin care. Most of the products they sell work great with different skin types and tones. Chia Seed Skincare Line, Arsainte Eco Therapy Extreme Moisture Line and their makeup base are only few of the best products they sell.

  • Missha

This brand is well-known for their BB cream and anti-aging products. Most of their products cater to women who are more than 30 years old, the time when most wrinkles and skin aging start to ensue. If you are under 30 years old, you can try A’pieu, the sister brand of Missha. Both products works well with different skin type and tone and in accordance with your age and of course your budget.

There are actually a lot of write-ups about different Korean make-up brands. It’s best that you read them first before you actually buy one so you would know which will work best for you.

How To Apply Etude House’s Sweet Recipe Line of Makeup!

December 17th, 2013
etude house sweet recipe makeups

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Fans of Etude House all over the world love their Sweet Recipe makeup collection. It’s inspired by the tastes and smells of sugary treats and yummy pastries so makeup-lovers go wild for them.

That is no longer a surprise as Etude House already has a huge following – from teens to makeup artists who want the best products they can get their hands on.

These products are great for makeup beginners and pros alike. Here are a few products from this new line of makeups, the details you’ll surely find helpful, and how to apply them!

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

• The best makeup base if you want to have the softest and smoothest skin.
• It comes in 3 shades:

o Berry Choux
o Mint Choux
o Peach Choux

• It can be used as either a primer or a moisturizer
• Great for sensitive skin
• It has SPF 25 PA++
• To use this base, make sure your fingers are clean first.
• Scoop out a little bit on your finger. If you don’t want to use your fingers, you can use a cotton swab or your own brush.
• Lightly apply it on your face. Make sure the application is even.
• You can also apply BB cream on top of the base.

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

• A very versatile product that can be applied as an eye shadow base, a cream blush, or as lip balm.
• It comes in five shades:

o Strawberry Chiffon Cake
o Raspberry Mousse Cake
o Blueberry Cheese Cake
o Peach Sugar Cake
o Orange Choux Cake

• It has a matte finish so it’s great as a cream blush.
• Its color stays long and is expected to last the day.
• To use this product on your cheeks, use either your fingers or a brush and get a little product. Blend it softly on your cheeks.
• To use this product as an eye shadow base, make sure to lightly apply it on your upper lid as the first layer before putting on your main eye shadow.
• To use this product on your lips, evenly brush it onto your lips and once done, apply clear lip-gloss on top of it.

Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Liner

• It’s a great gel liner that applies on easier than liquid liner.
• It’s easy to make neat lines even for beginners.
• It comes in milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
• Really pigmented and very creamy so it’s perfect for those who are new to eyeliner.
• Just flip open the top, and use an eyeliner brush to cleanly apply it on your lash line.

Sweet Recipe Cookie Pact

• It’s a baked face powder with illuminating pearls that help create a radiant complexion.
• It is available in two shades: Almond chip and Choco chip.
• It has very good coverage so it can be used as a powder to cover up blemishes.
• Press the included powder puff onto the pact and gently sweep it over your face.

Sweet Recipe Sweet Eye Cupcake Eyeshadow

• This product is a baked eyeshadow that comes in two tones. It is also very shimmery.
• It comes in 5 combinations:

o Banana and chocolate
o Peach and honey
o Gray brown and smoky black
o White and blue
o Lavender and grape

• It is very firm so you won’t have problems with crumbs falling on your cheeks.
• To use this product, use an eyeshadow brush to apply the product evenly on your eyelids.

Etude House’s Sweet Recipe line is a refreshing (and delicious!) break from regular, boring makeup. The next time you need to restock your makeup bag, fill it up with Sweet Recipe products!